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road saltprotection Winter Wax Protection

 Is Your Vehicle Protected ?

Road Salt attracts absorbs and holds moisture where ever it is deposited damaging vehicle surfaces. Modern day factory paints offer an excellent protection against rusting and weathering, but once the surface is damaged by surface weather or stone chips, corrosion can quickly set in. Other components such as: Suspensions arms, Brake components, Drive tains and Sub frames are highly vulnerable to corrosion. Once the road salt has dissolved, it then starts to transform water into a very effect electrolyte, which helps speed up the rusting process. This type of corrosion is most common alloy wheels which have suffered from stone chips or kerbing damage. This is why protecting your alloy wheels is CRUICIAL!

Protecting your body work with either a high quality paint work sealant or a high quality natural Carnauba Wax which will create a proper protection that will last right through the winter season.

Stone Chips should be attended to as soon as they are noticed, otherwise corrosion can set in. There are various options you can take to repairing stone chips, ranging from simple DIY stone chip kits to body shop services. Other wise use a quick lacquer touch up and a wax to the effected area as soon as possible to create a barrier against moisture.

Alloy Wheel Protection

Here at iShine we cannot stress enough how important it is to clean your wheels regularly throughout the winter months, making, sure your regularly blasting off all brake dust & road salt. Split rims (polished chrome) are at there highest risk of corrosion throughout the winter period. We strongly advise using multiple layers of good quality, high temperature resistant wheel sealants or wax on regular occasions. This should keep your wheels rolling all the way through to the spring season.

We offer a completely winter protection which will protect your vehicle and wheels against winter corrosion.

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