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Winter is closing in, this means bad news for UK roads and Vehicles. The cold icy roads can have devastating effects on our vehicles paint work and can leave many damaged and corroded through salt and grit on the roads. We advise using AutoGlym's High Definition Wax for that ultimate vehicle protection.

AutoGlym's High Definition Wax is made up of a blend of various carnauba and microcrystalline waxes. Its purpose is to give your vehicles paintwork an all year round protection against contaminants eg: salts, grit,detergentsUV lightacid rain

  1. Always wash your car down using two buckets making sure all panels, wheels under arches and door shuts are throughly washed out.
  2. Make sure the whole vehicle inlcuding the wheels and shuts are dry
  3. Keeping the paint work sealed and protected every 6 months 
  4. Alloys wheels especially split rims or chrome designed need waxing regularly to avoid any corrosion

Other things you need to consider

Keeping your wheels and paint work protected is very important, but there are other important factors you must consider

  1. Levels Checks - Keep regular check on oil levels, antifreeze & screen wash
  2. Visability - Keep a close eye on light bulbs, brake lights, wind screen & wipers
  3. Tyres - Ensure all four tyres have significant tread left and consider fitting good quality winter tyres.
  4. Battery - The most common problem in winter. Lights, heaters & stereos all put high demand on the car battery be sure to regularly check and test the battery's ever 3-6 months
  5. Winter essientials - DE-icer, first aid kit, warm clothes etc 

Here at iShine we can help get you get your way to a protected vehicle this winter. Contact us today for further information, booking or any general car care questions, we will be more than happy to help !


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