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iShine Car Washing Tips

Summer is dawning on us & out comes the hose pipes, buckets and spounges. He at ishine we provide excellant customer service by offering tips & advice on anything cleaning wise

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We thrive on sharing tips and advice on basic cleaning process's when cleaning vehicles.  Here we have rough guide on washing down your vehicle properly and safely.

How to wash:

1. Fill one bucket with a mixture of car shampoo and water, and the second bucket with water
2. Hose the car down if itís particularly grimy 
3. Dip the washing mitt in the bucket filled with car shampoo
4. Start at the top of your car and work your way down, going round the whole car and cleaning every panel
5. Rinse the washing mitt in the bucket of water when it gets dirty
6. Donít forget to clean the wheel arches, bumpers, outer skirts and inner door panels
7. Lift up windscreen wipers and clean underneath
8. Clean the wheels
9. Rinse down the car with a hose or wet cloth and dry using a chamois leather 
10. Wax the car using a cloth and apply in a circular motion. Leave for a few minutes to settle. Swipe your finger across the bodywork Ė if thereís a powdery residue wipe the bodywork with a second cloth.


3. Once youíve washed and rinsed your car, clean the wheels using watered-down all-purpose cleaner or alloy wheel cleaner
4. For a thorough clean remove the wheels using a jack and wheel brace Ė this will also allow you to clean inside the wheel arches
5. Clean inside the wheel hub using an old toothbrush
6. You can use tyre shine on the side of tyres but take care not to get cleaner into the tread as this can reduce grip
7. Leave for one minute and wipe off
8. Use a wet brush to clean the inside of wheel arches and mud flaps
9. Spray clean using a hose

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